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A Simple Strategy for Hearing the Voice of God in Business

Does God know your situation? Yes Is it too hard for him to handle? No Does He have a good plan for you? Yes Ask him! Check out the video for more details.


Are you a 1%'er?

A simple daily strategy that connects you with God and provides you with supernatural solutions

The Kaizen Philosophy developed in Japan after World War II focused on the impact of getting 1% better every day can have on your business and your personal life.

It’s time to introduce you to two other 1%’s. 

What if there was a 1% chance that the God of the universe would meet with you every day?  Would you set up an appointment to meet with him? 

What if you became one of the 1% who did set up a “2 Chairs” time of meeting with God every day?  Can you imagine the difference that would make in your life? The guidance and direction you would receive? The love from God that would empower you? The market advantage?

The 1% Club is a group of people who are committed to meeting with God daily, in what Bob Beaudine, one of America’s top sports and entertainment recruiters calls “2 Chairs” times.

Here are three very disruptive questions for you: 

  1. Does God know your situation? Yes of course he does.
  2. Is it too hard for him to handle? Absolutely not.
  3. Does He have a good plan for you? Spot on.

 The answer is 2 Chairs.  One chair for you and one for God.  It’s sounds crazy I know.  But let me tell you the visual really helps people to connect with God.  Picturing God in the other chair helps you in having a conversation with him. 

What do you do in those times?  How about starting with a simple question:  God what’s on your heart for me today?  You would be surprised at how God answers that.  From telling you he loves you to giving you some very detailed instructions about the day.

Personally, in those times, God has whispered many things.  Some have led to great adventures of connecting with people to needing to write letters of forgiveness or reaching out to someone to put a relationship right or the unravelling of a new strategic plan for my business.  It’s all about developing a listening ear to God.

Having a “2 Chair’s” time even before going into meetings has resulted in God dropping ideas or names into my mind.  Only to mention them in that meeting which has resulted in contracts being signed, relationships developed and business pivots happening. 

Do I get it right all the time?  Absolutely not.  But like everything, with practice you learned to hear what is on the Father’s heart for you, your family, your business, your workplace and you start to move towards each and every day.  One thing with God though, I’ve often found that he does not lead you in 1% improvements, but improvements that bring significant life change.

To help you Business Blessing’s has established “The 1% Club”.  It’s an online course/forum.  In the course are two interviews with Bob Beaudine.  The recent one goes into great depth as to why we are afraid to meet with God plus some very real guidance Bob received from God prior to the COVID pandemic that could have shut his business down totally, but instead God prepared him for a massive increase during this time.  Plus there are opportunities for you to interact with others.  A series of other questions to ask God. A safe place for you to share your struggles in listening to God, particularly in relation to the marketplace.

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